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The current Bachelor of Arts in English offered at the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey promotes the study of English as a way to prepare students for a variety of professional careers in and out of the island. The BA in English is characterised by its flexibility and diversity of disciplines, thus responding to significant changes in the discipline since the department’s founding in 1969. As stated in the mission, the program is committed to diversity and to keeping a strong curriculum that encourages current approaches, including interdisciplinary methods. The department’s faculty, our most precious resource, educated at prestigious institutions, have been fully committed to the continuous assessment and revamping of our program with particular emphasis on current issues regarding language and culture.

Director's Message

UPR-Cayey offers an ample variety of middle and advanced level courses that target topics of interest for students not only from the area of Arts but also from the area of the Sciences. Course content covers topics related to Women and Gender Studies, Caribbean & Its Diaspora Studies, and Multicultural Studies. The program also offers specialized content courses for students of the English Education (Primary and Secondary levels) Program, as well as English courses for specialization in Business Administration.

The department has a highly prepared faculty in these areas. The academic offerings follow a five year course rotation. Students who consider graduate studies have the advantage of taking an additional focus (12 credits) in areas of Women and Gender Studies, Multicultural Studies and Caribbean & Its Diaspora.

Administrative Personnel

Arturo J. Collado - Lab Technician

Ingried Rodríguez Pagán - Lab Technician

Jennie Merced Reyes - Administrative Assistant


  • Foto de la Prof. David Lizardi
    David Lizardi Sierra, Ph.D, Caribbean, U.S., British, Latino Literature, Cultural Studies, women and Gender Literature, ESL, Office: 225 MC, ext. 2188, 2181, 2502,  david.lizardi1@upr.edu
  • Thayra Reyes Díaz, M.A, ESL, Language and Linguistics, General Literature, Women and Gender Literature, Office: 221 MC, ext. 2080, E-mail: thayra.reyes@upr.edu
  • Foto de la Profa. Jacelyn Smallwood Ramos
    Jacelyn Smallwood Ramos, M.A., ESL, Language and Linguistics, Office: 228-A MC, 2505, E-mail: jacelyn.smallwood@upr.edu
  • Lydia Platón, Ph.D., Caribbean Literature, U.S. and British Literature, General Literature, Women and Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, ESL, Office: 222 MC, ext. 2503, E-mail: lydia.platonlazaro@upr.edu
  • Foto de la Prof. David H. Luciano
    David H. Luciano, Ed.D, Language & Linguistics, ESL, Office: 222 MC, 2503, E-mail: David.luciano@upr.edu
  • Foto de la Prof. Mario Medina Cabán
    Mario Medina Cabán, Ph.D, Language and Linguistics, Rhetoric and Grammar, ESL, Office: Rectoría, ext. 2119, 2121, 2122, E-mail: mario.medina@upr.edu
  • Foto de la Profa. Iara Segarra
    Iara Segarra Cotto, Lab Technician, Telephone: 787-738-2161 ext. 2188, 2181, E-mail: iara.segarra@upr.edu
  • Foto de la Profa. Gladys Ramos
    Gladys Ramos, M.A., English for special Purpose (Business English), Office: Rectoría, ext. 2160, 2162, E-mail: gladys.ramos@upr.edu
  • Nereida Prado Rodríguez, Ph.D, Caribbean Literature, U.S., British Literature, Women and Gender Literature, Literary Theory & Criticism, Cultural Studies, ESL, Office: 228-A MC, ext. 2505, E-mail: nereida.prado@upr.edu
  • Foto de la Profa. Nellie Vázquez
    Nellie Vazquez Rivera, Ph.D., Caribbean Literature, British Literature, General Literature, Women and Gender Literature, Cultural Studies, ESL, Office: 223 MC, ext. 2504, E-mail: nelvari@hotmail.com
  • Walter Rybarkiewicz Naperiay, Ph.D., General Literature, British Literature, Language and Linguistics, Cultural Studies, ESL, Office: 221 MC, ext. 2080, E-mail: walter.rybarkiewicz@upr.edu
  • María I. Rodríguez Galarza, Ph.D., Language and Linguistics, ESL, Office: Decanato Académico, ext. 2116, 2117, 2118, E-mail: maria.rodriguez46@upr.edu
  • Foto de la Profa. Carmen González
    Carmen González, Ed.D, ESL, English Ed., General Literature, Caribbean Literature, and Language and Linguisitics, Office: 228 MC. Ext. 2084, E-mail: carmen.gonazalez2@upr.edu
  • Lillian Cartagena Rivera, M.A, English for special Purpose (Business English,) ESL, Language and Linguistics, Office: 223MC ext. 2504, E-mail: lillian.cartagena@upr.edu
  • Matthew Goodwin, Ph.D, Latino/a Literature, U.S. Puerto Rican Literature, Global Migrant Literature, Science Fiction. Digital Culture (Electronic Literature and Digital Poetry), http://www.matthewdavidgoodwin.com


“What can I do with an English Degree?”

This is one of the possible questions incoming first year students ask themselves because many perceive English simply as a school subject, thus equating studying English with becoming teachers. That is only one possibility. Certainly, if you pursue a B.A in English, you may plan to follow a career in teaching, but studying English can open other possibilities as well. A major in English has currency in unexpected areas in today’s marketplace. A degree in English could lead to careers in other fields. Our alumni are pursuing careers in Law, Commerce, Journalism, and the arts. Below is a shortlist of possibilities.

Career Opportunities

Unlike other vocational degrees, a major in English opens a variety of career opportunities for college graduates entering the job market. Since students who graduate with an English degree are trained to ask probing questions about large bodies of texts and then to formulate, analyze, and answer those questions in coherent, persuasive prose, which are vital skills to any number of careers, English majors have much to choose from after graduation. The most obvious career choices for English Majors are writing, journalism, editing, publishing, and teaching. However, other less intuitive job options include positions in advertising, public relations, acting, law, business, marketing, and directing.

Potential Fields & Careers:

• Undergraduate Studies
• Book Publishing
• Business Ventures
• Career Counseling
• Creative Writing
• Comparative Literature
• Court Language Interpreters/ Transcription
• Cultural Studies
• Federal & State Government / Administrative Fields
• Film Studies/Production
• Gender Studies
• Graduate Studies
• International Relations
• Journalism
• Law
• Linguistics
• Modern Languages
• Translation Studies/Translators
• Public Relations
• Tourism Industry
• TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
• English Education
• Acting
• Writing
• Marketing
• Directing

• Other Fields (Advertising, Athletics, Coaching, Encryptic analysis & deciphering, Entrepreneurship, Military-related Fields, Industrial-Pharmaceutical related Fields, Politics, Proposal development
Profile of the Graduate with a B.A. in English
To fulfill the program goals within the major, the department will offer a bachelor’s program through which students will:
a. Become conversant in diverse and current areas of English studies.
b. Develop essential speaking, writing, critical, and analytical abilities for success in their field, their future professions, and their lives.
c. Use the language and their learning both within and beyond the university classroom
d. Enhance their sense of social responsibility.


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